Hideaki Koizumi

Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences.

Joined the Instruments Division of Hitachi, Ltd., and discovered the principle of the polarized Zeeman effect atomic absorption (PZAA) method (doctoral dissertation, patent). Commercialized the PZAA spectrometer in 1976 and shipped more than 10,000 products in Japan and overseas. Have sold the product for more than 40 years mainly in the environmental measurement field. The PZAA spectrometer was certified as an Analytical and Scientific Instrument Heritage in 2013.

Developed and commercialized magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) and optical topography (OT or NIRS: near infrared spectroscopic imaging) methods. Developed, commercialized, applied and achieved the first domestic production of Superconducting MRI equipment and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), thereby contributing to developments in the medical, welfare and neuroscientific fields.

Have served as General Manager of the Advanced Research Laboratory, Senior Chief Scientist and Fellow at Hitachi, Ltd., developing international activities for the bridging and fusion of many different fields mainly including the environmental, medical and life science fields. (Invited and delivered a Memorial Lecture at the 400th Anniversary of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and gave lectures at an OECD Forum, a World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) and the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS).) Have been invited to various venues in Japan and overseas in recent years to lecture on “Engineering Ethics.” Have served in Japan as President of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (JSAC), executive director and member of many councils and experts’ meetings, and member of The Science Council of Japan (Cabinet Office). Currently serving as Executive Vice President of the Engineering Academy of Japan; an advisor at various research institutes in Europe, the United States, China and Australia; foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; and an Honorable Professor at The South East University, China. Received many awards in Japan and overseas, including the Okochi Memorial Prize (awarded three times). Wrote part of many publications published by the Oxford University Press, the Cambridge University Press and Springer. Author or editor of many domestic publications.